_Październik 2013

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Virtual Economic Zone / Alternativa at St. Dominic’s Fair
05.08 - 11.08.2013

The Virtual Economic Zone is the zone of economic imagination – a live appendix of Alternativa at St. Dominic’s Fair. the Fair itself is an annual festival of street vendors, an attraction which drives hundreds of tourists to downtown Gdańsk. VEZ finds its location in the midst of this largest city fair in the Baltic region, transforming it from the inside in accordance with the principles of virtual economy. We are not going to sell leather goods and accessories, old clocks, dauby seascapes, and amber goods. In our Kiosk, a group of Polish and international artists will indulge in the experiments with various forms of non-commercial exchange, an imaginary economy, iffy trade, and topsy-turvy calculations. Contrary to special economic zones, VEZ does not follow the sanctified precepts of maximizing profits and (seemingly) rational calculation. VEZ is a temporary centre of an artistic game with the revelations of economic guidelines, trespassing the limits of economic imagination.

Time Schedule:
05.08 - 11.08 - Marsha Bradfield, artistic research, For Your Portfolio and Mine: The rise of interpersonal equity amongst stakeholders networked through VEZ
05.08 - 06.08 - Folke Koebberling, process based installation, Tagesfiliale Köbberling Elektronik
07.08 - 08.08 - Jacek Niegoda, artistic service centre, Colour Separation Service Point
09.08 - talk with Michał Kozłowski in the framework of Free / Slow University of Warsaw, From where does the value come from, and what did the bearded philosopher from Trier have really on his mind.
09.08 - 10.08 - Maya Gordon, collection, More or Less Tangible Curiosities from the Collection of Maya Gordon
11.08 - Jesper Alvaer i Isabella Groseova, performance, Liquid Levelling