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Artistic Director: Aneta Szylak
Ul. Doki 1/145B, 80-958 Gdansk, Poland
Professional preview May 23, 2013
Official opening May 24 at 7pm

Alternativa is a recurring art exhibition that has been organized since 2010 by the Wyspa Institute of Art/Wyspa Progress Foundation in the 90B Hall of the Gdansk Shipyard. It is an inquiry into timely topics implicated within the location of practice. The previous exhibitions held in 2012 include Materiality and Wyspa: Now is Now as well as Estrangement and Labour and Leisure in 2011.

Following the 2010-2012 pilot program of the Alternativa International Visual Arts Festival, the project is now continuing and in 2013 was set up by the following team: Aneta Szylak (artistic director), Solvita Krese (curator), Jacek Friedrich (academic advisor), Maks Bochenek (curator and general producer) and Hubert Bilewicz (curator of educational program). We’ve also consulted with a number of scholars and advocacy groups. The list of artists will be announced shortly.

Till tomorrow! Ideologies of city planning and the tactics of dwelling. 

A city is never finished they say. The making of a city is always connected to a futuristic approach. The metropolis we envision won’t perhaps be the one we are to inhabit. The planned future of the city implicates all aspects of dwelling, encounters, politics, leisure and access to knowledge. The Alternativa 2013 curators have taken on the urgent subject of city planning and its ideologies as well as the everyday tactics of dwelling and inhabitation in it. Locating its practice in the heart of the Gdansk Shipyard, Alternativa 2013 is both a result of research as much as a matter of concern for us.

Artists: Dario Azzel­lini & Oli­ver Res­sler, Miro­sław Bałka, Kadam­bari Baxi, Johanna Bil­ling, Anders Bojen & Kri­stof­fer Ørum, Eriks Bozis, Łukasz Bugal­ski, Val­dis Celms, Anouk De Clercq, Mau­reen Con­nor, Lisa Enzen­ho­fer & Anna Resch (Len­dla­bor), Law­rence Abu Ham­dan, Maros Krivy, Ewa Kru­szew­ska & Alek­san­dra Poli­sie­wicz, Suzanne Lacy, Zbi­gniew Libera, MML Stu­dio, Katrina Neiburga, Ewa Par­tum, Cora Pian­toni, Kata­rzyna Prze­zwań­ska, Maja Ratyń­ska, Mar­tha Rosler, Maciej Sala­mon, Jacek Sta­ni­szew­ski, Stanza, Jakub Szczę­sny, Ginta Tinte Vaser­mane and Julita Wójcik.

Alternativa 2013 is a project conceived and produced by the Wyspa Institute of Art/Wyspa Progress Foundation in collaboration with the City of Gdańsk with additional funds provided by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and the Austrian Cultural Forum in Warsaw.


27 April (Saturday)
7:00 p.m. / Wyspa Institute of Art

Admission free

Suur - Suomi / Great - Finland is a work which investigates into the theme of violence in the context of Finnish Civil War (Suomen Sisällissota) from 1918. Traumatic experience of the both sides of the conflict have for years shaped Finnish national identity and influenced the iconographic and symbolic dimension of this art, which commemorated the victory of the conservatists (the White Guard) over the socialist democrats (the Red Guard).

Through the analysis of selected issues of Suomen Sisällissota, such as the terror of the Whites and the Reds, the figure of the national hero Carl Gustaf Mannerheim and his “Oath to The Sword” of 23.02.1918 or the idea of a Greater Finland, Dorota Nieznalska interprets contemporary threads. She concentrates on the analysis of heroic monuments, created shortly after the end of military operations in 1920 – 1934: monuments from Lempäälä, Lahti, Kokkola, Oulu, Joensuu.

The background for her installation is the city of Tampere which played a particular role during the Civil War. It is in this city, where one of the “monuments to victory” (Vapaudenpatsas) can be found, which raised much controversy during its unveiling because of its symbolic content and political overtones.


9 March (Saturday)
8:00 p.m./ Wyspa Institute of Art  

Admission free

Can a condition of being a stranger, the other be demanded? What feelings and experiences do we have when changing location, being on the move? To what extend is replacement necessary for the definition of our own identity? And how can it be defined by the lack of any allegiance and/ or belonging? What character can a celebration of conditions commonly considered negative have?

This project is based on the explosion of red fireworks forming a Chinese word of Shuitubufu. This word is composed of four ideograms, among which are the sings of water and earth. Shuitubufu is the condition of a stranger who is neither from “this” water nor “this” earth. It manifests the condition of non-acclimatisation, the celebration of inconveniences related do a change of a place, the displacement of mental location. The phenomenon of Shuitubufu, being a consequence or relocation, could be defined as an obstacle for those who want to become adjusted instantly in a new place. In this case, however, this phenomenon is a reason for celebrating, a condition considered apt and demanded.


16th of November (Friday)
8:00 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art

Admission free

The exhibition Teachers. Socrates at Duchamp’s is an attempt to link the academic milieu with Wyspa as an art institution and Alternativas as its strategic, project which we hope to develop in the subsequent 2013-2016 years. This is related to the observation of new global phenomena in the field of artistic pedagogy and its influence on the image and efficiency of the art world. The basic challenge at the Intermedia studies is continual responsiveness to changing phenomena and the demands of the environment, as well as the ability to re-adapt the curricula and syllabuses quickly in the light of dynamic transformations of the information society. Thus, we must look anew at such issues as: the education of an artist and the relations between the structure of Gdańsk Academy and informal links in the artistic milieu which make artists join in groups/ collectives or chose individual work.

Artists: Bogna Burska, Witosław Czerwonka, Elvin Flamingo, Angelika Fojtuch, Grzegorz Klaman, Konrad Pustoła, Maciej Salamon, Adam Witkowski, Wojciech Zamiara

Idea of the exhibition: Grzegorz Klaman
Curator: Maks Bochenek

Organizers: Wyspa Art Institute & Department of Intermedia, Gdańsk Academy of Art
Part of Alternativa 2012 Festival