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19th of May (Saturday)
8.00 PM / 1.00 AM Wyspa Institute of Art
Admission free

Spend The Night of Museums in Gdańsk Shipyard ! Wyspa Institute of Art offers a demonstration of the latest animations of Lodz’s film studio - Se-Ma-For.

The projections will be held simultaneously in two places: in a specially arranged kiosk in front of Wyspa Institute of Art and in the film room, on the first floor of our building. During the Night of Museums you will be able to visit our bookstore, in the same evening a special discounted offer for the guests, will be prepared by Buffet Club.

Videos will be displayed without breaks, in two main thematic areas


Short waves

4th Festival of Polish Short Films. SHORT WAVES

14th of April (Friday)
7 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art
Admission free

Between 12 and 28 April 2012 the Festival of Polish Short Films will travel across all over Poland, also visiting some foreign cities.

The programme comprises the latest Polish productions from feature films, through documents, animation, video-art to video-clips. The public gathered at the Festival shows will enjoy the opportunity to vote and select the winner of the Main Prize. Additionally, the Festival will grant the Short Waves PRO prize, the winner of which will be selected by a professional jury.
Short Waves goes across the borders of geography and genre. Similar to radio short waves, which attain large distances, the Festival tries to reach everywhere wherever the viewers hungry for short-time experience are waiting.

Set your tuners to the fourth edition of Short Waves!


10th of February (Saturday)
07:00 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art

Free entrance

Wyspa Institute of Art and Film Discussion Club "Marcelo" invite you for a subsequent show from the cycle of World Shorts. This time you could view short films from Greece. As those who saw "The Thug" and/ or „Attenberg” know, the Greek cinema successfully opposes the crisis.

18th of February (Saturday)
07:00 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art

Free entrance

Wyspa Institute of Art and DKF Marcello (Film Discussion Club) invite you to the show from the series of World Shorts, which presents short films from all over the world to the public. We will present a programme composed of the most interesting productions form Sweden.


27th of January (Friday)
22:00 PM / Buffet Club,  Wyspa Institute of Art

Introduction Joanna Sarbiewska (University of Gdańsk)
Free entrance

Piotr Szulkin’s film ’Oczy uroczne’ ("Spellbinding Eyes") from 1976 is a story based on a dismal folk tale about a Lord whose gaze causes death. The Lord, closed in his castle leads his dreary life alone until, one day, a nobleman and his daughter lose their way and seek for help on his premises. This oneiric cinema, spells the story with no words, using only images and choral chants. The film is crowded with corpses of dead people from the area of history and culture, which adds an erudite zest making the Szulkin’s film a specific essay. The narrative function is taken over by music which will be played by the MAMROCZ group in this particular re-interpretation.

Mamrocz is a collective established for the interpretations of Szulkin’s film, spicing the director’s filmed images with an improvised form – an exchange between Natalia Grzebała (piano, voice) and Robert Kamiński (synthesisers) – who are musicians linked to the formations Le Bâtard de la Raison / The Bastard of the Mind and Kciuk & The Fingers (The Thumb & The Fingers) in their daily practice..

Detailed information about the film on the site IMDB