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Dear Viewers, Co-operators and Friends,

Alternativa 2010-2012, our more than two-year-long programme, in which over 30 thousand people have participated to date, is going to finish on 31 December. Therefore, we invite you to our Archive, and the Buffet Club, for a several-hour long summing-up event at 18:00 hours on 27 December.

The event prepared by us concentrates on the knowledge of art, economics, resources and values. We do invite you!

Virtual Economic Zone: on the economics of surplus and the value of the remains.

Curator: Kuba Szreder
Participants: Maciek Czeredys, Michał Kozłowski, Ewa Majewska, Jacek Niegoda, Natalia Romik, and Kuba Szreder

The time right after the holiday gluttony and still before the New-Year’s Eve suspension is an ideal moment for the premiere unveiling of the Virtual Economic Zone, a joint exploration of inverse economy. The thematic axis of this meeting spans between surplus and remains. We are inspired by the use of the refuse (post-industrial), the eating-out of stockpiled reserves (for crisis and winter), the squandering of the surplus (of energy) and the recycling of the remains (after a holiday). The meeting will be organised on the basis of "an intellectual potlatch", a series of loosely connected speeches, toasts, treats and a performance. Kuba Szreder is going to present the guidelines of V.E.Z. and tell us why art is priceless and so expensive. Natalia Romik will present JAD, an urban tool-kit for the analysis of the remains of urban memory, while Maciek Czeredys will describe the architectural form of V.E.Z. Jacek Niegoda will be separating Colour Red from Colour White in his Workshop of Colour Separation. Michał Kozłowski will present "Malthusian Variations. Surplus, remains, overabundance and their political economics", while Ewa Majewska will declaim a new translation of Allen Ginsberg’s Howl, a cultic poet of excess and the Beat Generation.

We also invite all of the participants to consume the post-holiday surplus. Instead of throwing it away, let us share it with others. Let us delight collectively in the things which we are not able to eat individually. Let us bring our cakes and dumplings, even herring and bigos will be welcome dishes.

Right after that:

Alternativa Dictionary

Alternativa Dictionary is an open research project in which people co-operating with Alternativa will submit their thoughts on the notions important to their own artistic and intellectual practice. It is an on-line publication which is going to be supplemented and made accessible to the public in successively.

This Project will be presented by Aneta Szyłak and Aleksandra Grzonkowska at the Buffet.

After that we are moving to the Archive!

Wyspa Base – we are unveiling our stock and a reading room
During Alternativa, an intense work on the archive and the library collection of the Wyspa Progress Foundation was carried, realised within the European framework of Recuperating the Invisible Past, a part of which Alternativa was. Starting from the New Year on, it will be possible to arrange a profiled research on our stock. We invite scholars, curators, critics, artists, and journalists to use this stock. On 27 December, we are making an introduction to the method of data management and the character of our collected stock. Do not miss it!

Mirosław Górczyński will be the custodian of the archive and library. It is precisely the result of his two-year long work which we will make accessible to anyone who finds the documentation of contemporary art close and who would use our reading room and stock in the future. Wyspa Base contains photographic material, video, press cuttings and a wide selection of books on art, monographs, catalogues, and theoretical and historical books.

The project will be presented by Mirosław Górczyński and Aneta Szyłak.


Estrangement Book

This book is a spinoff of the Estrangement exhibition that took place at the Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdansk, Poland, in May – September 2011. The exhibition is, in turn, an off-shoot of the eponymous art project that developed since 2008, bridging Eastern and Western Europe and Iraqi Kurdistan. Polish curator, Aneta Szyłak and Kurdish artist, Hiwa K, are the initiators of this endeavour. (…) This book is a multi-disciplinary – inevitable incomplete and possibly uncompletable – reflection in the notion of estrangement. In order to be faithful to the very nature of the concept that produces it, the Reader takes inspiration from Szyłak’s and Hiwa K’s project while also betraying it in relation to some of the directions it takes.*

*from the introduction by Francesca Recchia

Contributors: Sara Ahmed, Akkas al-Ali, Cihat Arinc, Swietłana Boym, John Cage, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Hiwa K, Kabir, Elżbieta Matynia, Diane E.King, Francesca Recchia, Wiktor Szkłowski, Aneta Szyłak, Leire Vergara

Editor: Francesca Recchia
Supervising editor of Alternativa Editions: Krzysztof Gutfrański
Design and typesetting: Tomasz Bersz i Marian Misiak

Price 30 zł + p&p
You can order the book at the address: sekretariat@wyspa.art.pl
Direct link to our store

16th of November (Friday)
8:00 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art

Admission free

The exhibition Teachers. Socrates at Duchamp’s is an attempt to link the academic milieu with Wyspa as an art institution and Alternativas as its strategic, project which we hope to develop in the subsequent 2013-2016 years. This is related to the observation of new global phenomena in the field of artistic pedagogy and its influence on the image and efficiency of the art world. The basic challenge at the Intermedia studies is continual responsiveness to changing phenomena and the demands of the environment, as well as the ability to re-adapt the curricula and syllabuses quickly in the light of dynamic transformations of the information society. Thus, we must look anew at such issues as: the education of an artist and the relations between the structure of Gdańsk Academy and informal links in the artistic milieu which make artists join in groups/ collectives or chose individual work.

Artists: Bogna Burska, Witosław Czerwonka, Elvin Flamingo, Angelika Fojtuch, Grzegorz Klaman, Konrad Pustoła, Maciej Salamon, Adam Witkowski, Wojciech Zamiara

Idea of the exhibition: Grzegorz Klaman
Curator: Maks Bochenek

Organizers: Wyspa Art Institute & Department of Intermedia, Gdańsk Academy of Art
Part of Alternativa 2012 Festival

12 of July (Thursday)
8:00 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art

Admission free

Oliver Ressler will present a new body of work that addresses the starting points and implications of the global financial and economic crisis as well as the underlying flaws in the model of parliamentary democracy revealed by the crisis. Ressler’s films and installations are often based on interview situations in which the artist creates a platform for the concerns of his protagonists.


Oliver Ressler, born 1970, lives and works in Vienna and produces exhibitions, projects in the public space, and films on issues such as economics, democracy, forms of resistance and social alternatives. His projects have been in solo exhibitions at the Berkeley Art Museum, USA; Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul; Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade; Kunstraum at the University of Lüneburg; Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid; Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum, Egypt; Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery, Krakow and The Cube Project Space, Taipei.


7 July – a subsequent edition of the Wyspa. Now is Now will take place

The exhibition at the Wyspa Institute of Art is devoted to the activities of artists in the Gdańsk area in the 1980s and early 1990s. Using archival materials, the creators of the exhibition invite their public to a symbolic reconstruction of a moment from the past (the show Now is Now of 7 October 1988) when the artists’ intuition led to their own definition of one’s relation with one’s surroundings. The creation of a an artistic proto-institution at the Granary Island [Wyspa Spichrzów], embracing its ruins, overgrown nature and environment was the discovery of the environment as a physical medium of their artwork and permitted a gradual recognition of artistic activity as a fragment included in a bigger unit.

Pavel Sterec: Is So Much is Happening Here, I’d Rather Stay at Home.
The first performative action of Wyspa. Now is Now is carried by Pavel Sterec who invites us to participate in events related to the observation of birds. Each of these events will show the relation between an animal and a human from a different perspective.

All events will happen on Saturday, 7 July 2012 at 12:00 hours !

Workshop: The first aid for a wild bird.
The Gdansk Archipelago of Culture "Treasure Island", address: ul. Turystyczna 3, Gdańsk-Sobieszewo area.

This workshop is a step-by-step presentation of how one should act with a found, wounded wild bird. Specialists in veterinary medicine will tell about the basic methods of helping wildfowl and their fledglings under the threat of their lives. The workshop will be run by the veterinarian Karolina Ptak, who works in the PAROTKA Veterinary Centre for birds and exotic birds in Cracow, who initiated the DZIKA KLINIKA Association for help to non-domestic animals. She will be supported by a group of enthusiasts.

Ornithological camp: Learn and help to protect!
The KULING Research Group of Waterfowl

The ornithological camp at the mouth of the Vistula River is just beginning, organised by the KULING Research Group of Waterfowl. The organisers ensure: care and knowledge of experienced ornithologists, accommodation, provisions (camping standard), field equipment, curious birds in hand and in the field, protection against bird flu, happy atmosphere and many more attractions. The number of participants is limited.

Film projection: Skrzydlaci Sprzymierzeńcy Lasu (The Winged Allies of the Forest)

The nature documentary film “Skrzydlaci sprzymierzeńcy lasu” (2007) directed by Przemysław Sujak, PhD, who works at the Institute of Experimental Biology at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań is a unique and fascinating story about birds. Beautiful shots, shots from special hiding places, show helpless fledglings, which makes the film a breath-taking experience.

Lecture: Migrations of the White Stork
Wyspa Institute of Art, address: ul. Doki 1/145, Gdańsk (the premises of Gdańsk Shipyard).

Wociech Kania, PhD, a worker-emeritus of the Ornithological Station of MiIZ of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdańsk and a specialist in the bird migrations, will deliver an open lecture for all interested people. He will tell us about bird migrations, winter habitats of birds, the dependence of our Polish storks on draughts in Sahel, bird ringing (banding) and satellite radio relays.

Pavel Sterec

Born in 1985. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (including Guest Atelier of Zbigniew Libera). In the years 2008 – 2010, he co-created the Pavilion Gallery. Now, he is a member of an artistic-theoretical P.O.L.E. collective.
He deals with conceptual art. His projects have often been inspired by social-scientific research.


6th of July (Friday)
6:00 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art

Admission free

Photomedia: site and context is a two-week intensive studio workshop realised by 10 students from The College of Fine Arts Sydney, Australia, in the former grounds of Gdańsk Shipyard. The projects are developed in response to the site and test the potential of expanded photographic and installation practices, while visually and conceptually articulating the ways in which Photomedia can be stretched within the field of site-specific intervention.

A number of installations will be executed in the site and available for viewing this Friday, 6th of July. The tour will begin in Wyspa Institute of Art at 6pm.

Coordinator Izabela Pluta


The Materiality anthology follows the exhibition and aims to widen and expand the educational and research-related aspect of both this particular project and the Alternativa Festival as a whole. This publication offers diverse perspectives on both the object unto itself, the material context, as well as the social role of things[…] The anthology is proceeded by an introductory section where the show’s curators, Leire Vergara, Aneta Szyłak, Inês Moreira and Arne Hendriks, present their view on materiality and the essence of curatorial practice. The main part has been devided into three sections, titled respectively, The Voice of Things, Materiality, and In girum imus nocte…, which through texts by authors of various provenance, offer theoretical commentary on the exhibition and highlight its key contexts.*

*Form the introduction by Krzysztof Gutfrański

Contributors: Bruno Latour, Arjun Appadurai, Tim Ingold, Mathias Goeritz, Elizabeth Grosz, Ewa Opałka, Rolf Hellebust, Susan Schuppli, David Graeber, Rem Koolhaas
Edited by: Krzysztof Gutfrański, Leire Vergara, Aneta Szyłak, Inês Moreira, Arne Hendriks
Design and typesetting: Tomasz Bersz i Marian Misiak

Price 30 ZŁ + p&p
You can order the book at the address: sekretariat@wyspa.art.pl


Grzegorz Klaman’s A Subjective Bus Lin runs in Genk, Belgium

30 May – 30 September 2012

This summer, FLACC in Genk and the Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdansk come together as partners for A SUBJECTIVE BUS LINE, a project by the visual artist Grzegorz Klaman. A SUBJECTIVE BUS LINE in the Belgian former mining city of Genk will run during Manifesta9. Simultaneously, a Line will be held on the grounds of the former Gdansk Shipyard in Poland during Alternativa. Both the Genk mining sites and Gdansk Shipyard are undergoing transformation and are reservoirs of collective and individual memory. Gdansk Shipyard is carrying the legacy of the Solidarnosc Movement, while the Limburg mines have a complex history involving migrant workers and a profound influence on the city and surrounding landscape. Their official history is visualised in the shape of diverse forms of commemoration. The Line is an answer to the urgency to embrace hidden voices that have never become a central narrative. The project gives a unique insight into the premises of these historically loaded industrial sites.

The bus tour starts at the former mine building of Waterschei, now the Manifesta 9 venue, and takes 2 hours. The tour includes several important mine sites, such as the Cités (residential garden city), slag heaps and industrial sites. The tours in Genk can be booked in the following languages: English, Flemish, Polish and Slovenian.

A Subjective Bus Line (Genk) is a project by Grzegorz Klaman and FLACC and partnered by Het Vervolg Vzw / Coal Face (BE), Wyspa Institute of Art in Gdansk (PL) in conjunction with Alternativa International Visual Arts Festival in Gdansk and with support of Meta VZW. Meta is the Flemish heritage organisation for vintage tramcars and buses.


Pascal Gielen -
The Biennial and the Art Scene: a Post-Institution in the Post-Fordist Factory of Creativity

27th of May (Saturday)
2 PM Conference Room / Wyspa Institute of Art
Admission Free

Not only is there a boom in international art biennials, but they are also increasingly deployed for developing and marketing cities and regions. In order to compensate for this, political issues are more and more often put on the agenda. By means of an analysis, Pascal Gielen attempts to get a better handle on the characteristics of the art biennial as a post-museum institution with post-Fordist labor conditions. The art scene is analyzed as the new factory in which products are made and in which the ‘independent’ curator is the protagonist.


Alfredo Cramerotti - Tagging and Other Amenities of Contemporary Life

25th of May (Friday)
5 PM Conference Room / Wyspa Institute of Art
Admission Free

Alfredo Cramerotti’s lecture will introduce a series of ’tags’, each discussed on its own terms, all taking onboard the idea of how-to use various ’systems’ that govern/influence/complement/sustain our lives i.e. journalism, books, clothing, leisure, cooking and so on. Please don’t assume this would be an exhaustive list of words, as it is not. It will, however, include the following tags, among others: Footnotes, Midpoint, Leisure, Suspension, Reception, Curiosity, Knitting, Skyscraper, Access, Gap, Perspective, Hole, Dependency, Translation

Come along and discover by yourself how all these may come together and make (some) sense.



25.05 Friday

12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Professional Media Press Preview and curator guided tour: Exhibitions open only to the media and the Professional - conference room / Wyspa Institute of Art

3:00 p.m. Alternativa 2010 - 2011 - movie by Elvin Flamingo - preview screening - conference room / Wyspa Institute of Art

5:00 p.m. Alfredo Cramerotti - Tagging and Other Amenities of Contemporary Life (lecture in English, Polish translation) – conference room / Wyspa Institute of Art

9:00 p.m. PARIAH (R&S / London) – Buffet Club

26.05 Saturday

7:00 p.m. Alternativa official opening - Hall 90 B

8:00 p.m. Szelest Spadających Papierków – concert, Hall 90 B

9:00 p.m. Pink Freud - concert, Hall 90 B

10:30 p.m. after party - Buffet Club
exhibitions open until midnight

27.05 Sunday

2:00 p.m. Pascal Gielen - Biennale and the art scene: post-institution in post-Ford
creativity factory
(lecture in English, Polish translation) – conference room / Wyspa
Institute of Art

8:00 p.m. NILS PROJECT (Paris) - premiere concert / Buffet Club


Alternativa 2012


under the auspices of  President of Gdańsk Mr Paweł Adamowicz

Exhibitions open to the media and the professionals:
May 25, since 12.00 / Please register at alternativa2012@wyspa.art.pl

Official Opening
May 26 at 6 pm

The shows will run until September 30, Admission free
Inquiries: pr-wyspa(at)wyspa.art.pl

Wyspa Institute of Art invites you for the opening days of Alternativa 2012, a project that seeks diverse modes of knowing and explores possible ways of being and acting in contemporaneity. This year’s programme comprises two exhibitions, entitled respectively Materiality and Wyspa. Now is Now.

Artists’ talks and lecture performances include those by Hito Steyerl, Lara Almacequi, Emilio Moreno, Marcelo Expósito, Sally Gutierrez and Oliver Ressler.

The list of distinguished speakers who will deliver talks during Alternativa 2012 includes: Franco Berardi, Alfredo Cramerotti, Okwui Enwezor, Pascal Gielen, Miguel Robles Duran and Irit Rogoff. Please check our website regularly for schedules of talks and workshops and updates.

Alternativa 2010–2012 is a project prepared by Wyspa Institute of Art and the City of Gdańsk, with additional committed funds from the European Commission, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage as well as the Province of Pomerania, among others.

Materiality is a two-year European project that is being developed in collaboration between Wyspa, Vessel in Bari, Polytechnico in Tomar and Kibla in Maribor.


19th of May (Saturday)
8.00 PM / 1.00 AM Wyspa Institute of Art
Admission free

Spend The Night of Museums in Gdańsk Shipyard ! Wyspa Institute of Art offers a demonstration of the latest animations of Lodz’s film studio - Se-Ma-For.

The projections will be held simultaneously in two places: in a specially arranged kiosk in front of Wyspa Institute of Art and in the film room, on the first floor of our building. During the Night of Museums you will be able to visit our bookstore, in the same evening a special discounted offer for the guests, will be prepared by Buffet Club.

Videos will be displayed without breaks, in two main thematic areas


Art Kiosk

Buy Yourself Wyspa! - welcome to Art Kiosk

Already on sale a limited edition collectors’ pins, shirts and mugs, produced specially for the purpose of the campaign “Buy Yourself Wyspa!” Each object is a small piece of art created by renowned contemporary artists - including Joanna Rajkowska, Ania Witkowska, Grzegorz Klaman, Robert Kuśmirowski or Twożywo Ensemble.

Short waves

4th Festival of Polish Short Films. SHORT WAVES

14th of April (Friday)
7 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art
Admission free

Between 12 and 28 April 2012 the Festival of Polish Short Films will travel across all over Poland, also visiting some foreign cities.

The programme comprises the latest Polish productions from feature films, through documents, animation, video-art to video-clips. The public gathered at the Festival shows will enjoy the opportunity to vote and select the winner of the Main Prize. Additionally, the Festival will grant the Short Waves PRO prize, the winner of which will be selected by a professional jury.
Short Waves goes across the borders of geography and genre. Similar to radio short waves, which attain large distances, the Festival tries to reach everywhere wherever the viewers hungry for short-time experience are waiting.

Set your tuners to the fourth edition of Short Waves!

Lecture by Hito Steyerl

13th of April (Friday)
5 PM / Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
Admission free

Wyspa Institute of Art is pleased to invite you to the Meeting Hall of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, for the lecture of the a prominent German artist and artistic educationalist Hito Steyerl a participant in this year’s Alternativa 2012 Festival. Her lecture is the first in the series of the talks, planned within the Alternativa framework, which launches the co-operation between our Institute and the Academy. Hito Steyerl is going to show her solo exhibition at Wyspa in 2013.

Hito Steyerl will talk about her recent projects, especially "In Free Fall" about the recycling of media images and the beginning of the current financial crisis, as well as "The Kiss" a laser scanner video about an incident in the Bosnian war in 1993. How do documentary expectations shift with 3d technologies? And what does this have to do with a "withdrawal from representation"?

Hito Steyerl – a filmmaker, art educationalist and writer, based in Berlin. Steyerl started out as an essay filmmaker and successively moved into the art field. Her main interests are the digital image, it´s circulation and it´s materiality. She works a professor for New Media in the Fine Arts Department of the University of Arts Berlin. Steyerl is also the author of a book on the documentary film in art and an editor of several other films.

Her lecture and participation in the Alternativa framework are the result of the co-operation between "Wyspa" and "If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want to be a Part of Your Revolution" in Amsterdam, co-financed by the EU and the City of Gdańsk. The artist’s participation in Alternative is financed by IFA in Stuttgart.

Hito Steyerl’s lecture was organised in the co-operation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.


The action "Being Solidary with Belarusia" in Gdańsk will comprise a series of events organised on the premises of the University of Gdańsk and the Wyspa Art Institute.  The event in then Three-City agglomeration will launch the series of events all over Poland which will finish with a big open-air concert in Warsaw on 22 April 2012.

24 March (Saturday) Wyspa Institute of Art, conference room
18:00 A show of documentary films:

"Białoruś. Droga do niepodległości"/ Belarus. A Road to Independence (Dir. Mikołaj Wawrzeniuk). The film shows, inter alia, the history of the Belarusian People’s Republic (BNR). There will be a concert on the anniversary of the incorporation of the Republic on 25 March entitled "Solidarni z Białorusi¹" ("Being Solidary with Belarus").

"Muzyka wolności" / Music of Freedom (Dir. Jerzy Kalina)

A document about an annual Belarusian rock music festival "Basowishtcha" which takes place in the Podlasie region of Poland.

"Dosyć! Do wolności" (bel. Dawoli, Da Woli!") / Enough! Towards Freedom! Belsat, 2011

A summarising discussion:
Guests: Franak Wiaczorka, Helena Głogoka - the chairperson of the "Chatka" Belarusian Cultural Society, Maciej Konopacki - a journalist, a son of one of the characters in the film " Belarus. A road to Independence" Hasan Konopacki.

The event will finish with the film "Massacre" (Dir. Andriej Kudinenko), 2010

A crazy and "ironical" horror, being an adaptation of Prospero Mérimée’s short story Lokis. The action takes place on Belarusian terrain incorporated into the Russian Empire in the mid 19th century. It tells about a young aristocrat who changes into a bear during the night. He is also the figure of an exemplary Belarusian patriot who refuses to declare himself either as a Pole or Russian.

25 March (Sunday) 18.00
Amaroka, Vinsent, Botanic Project | Buffet Club, admission free
A concert of committed Belarusian groups during which photographs from Belarus of 2010-2011 with be projected along with the Polish commentary by Vinsent.

The organiser - Stowarzyszenie Wolna Białoruś/ Free Belarus Association, The "Mozaika" Student Scientific Circle, Wyspa Art Institute, the "Alternator" Academic Cultural Centre of Gdañsk University and the "Belsat" television



23 of March (Friday)
6 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art

Free entrance

Wyspa Institute of Art cordially invites You to the opening of the project RE.ACT.FEMINISM #2 on 23rd of March at 6 pm. re.act.feminism #2 - performative archive. Archive, exhibitions, workshops, performances, discussions, research

Opening programme on 23rd of March:
18.00 - meeting with the curators of the archive: Bettina Knaup and Beatrice Ellen Stammer and the curators of the Gdańsk part: Aneta Szyłak and Aleksandra Grzonkowska
19.00 - official opening
22.00 - concert in the Buffet Club

re.act.feminism #2, performative archive is a mobile project which is going to be shown in six European countries in the years 2011 - 2013. The first unveiling of the project occurred on 7 October 2011 at the Centro Cultural Montehermoso in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the capital of the Basque Country in Spain.


10th of February (Saturday)
07:00 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art

Free entrance

Wyspa Institute of Art and Film Discussion Club "Marcelo" invite you for a subsequent show from the cycle of World Shorts. This time you could view short films from Greece. As those who saw "The Thug" and/ or „Attenberg” know, the Greek cinema successfully opposes the crisis.

18th of February (Saturday)
07:00 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art

Free entrance

Wyspa Institute of Art and DKF Marcello (Film Discussion Club) invite you to the show from the series of World Shorts, which presents short films from all over the world to the public. We will present a programme composed of the most interesting productions form Sweden.


Maryam Jafri - Stages

Friday 3rd February 2012, 19.00, Wyspa Institute of Art

Exhibition on view:
Tuesday - Sunday, 12.00-18.00

Maryam Jafri is an artist working in video, performance and photography. Informed by a research based, interdisciplinary process her artworks are marked by a visual language poised between film and theater and a series of narrative experiments and oscillating between script and document, fragment and whole. Jafri’s practice often starts from something that seems concrete whether that be an archive or a written text and then disrupts its established form. As Bridget Crone states in the work, "Staged Archive" (2008), for example, Jafri worked in relation to the National Archives of Ghana to create a film that questioned the archive‘s relationship to knowledge and ‘truth’ by staging the archive through a series of tableaux that referred to the visual and narrative codes of TV and cinema such as the court room drama, for example.

Maryam Jafri is an artist based in New York and Copenhagen. Her video work “Costume Party” (2005), Staged Archive (2008) and “Death with friends” (2010) will be presented in Wyspa in the exhibition “Stages”. Maryam Jafri presented her video works “Running”,“Janus”, “Father & Son” and Theatre as a part of Estrangement, an exhibition organized in Wyspa Institute of Art in the framework of Alternativa Festival 2011 curated by Aneta Szyłak and Hiwa K. Recent exhibition is her first solo show in Poland.

During the opening there’s a possibility to get know with two publications about Maryam Jafri - Bettina Steinbruegge: Silent Witnesses: Independence Day 1936-1967; Camera Austria International, nr.116/2011 and Maryam Jafri. Costume Party: Colony &Native, Kathrin Becker, Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, 2006. Publications will be avaliable in Wyspa’s archive.


27th of January (Friday)
22:00 PM / Buffet Club,  Wyspa Institute of Art

Introduction Joanna Sarbiewska (University of Gdańsk)
Free entrance

Piotr Szulkin’s film ’Oczy uroczne’ ("Spellbinding Eyes") from 1976 is a story based on a dismal folk tale about a Lord whose gaze causes death. The Lord, closed in his castle leads his dreary life alone until, one day, a nobleman and his daughter lose their way and seek for help on his premises. This oneiric cinema, spells the story with no words, using only images and choral chants. The film is crowded with corpses of dead people from the area of history and culture, which adds an erudite zest making the Szulkin’s film a specific essay. The narrative function is taken over by music which will be played by the MAMROCZ group in this particular re-interpretation.

Mamrocz is a collective established for the interpretations of Szulkin’s film, spicing the director’s filmed images with an improvised form – an exchange between Natalia Grzebała (piano, voice) and Robert Kamiński (synthesisers) – who are musicians linked to the formations Le Bâtard de la Raison / The Bastard of the Mind and Kciuk & The Fingers (The Thumb & The Fingers) in their daily practice..

Detailed information about the film on the site IMDB


20th of January (Friday)
05:30 PM /
our book-store Bookyard, Wyspa Art Institute
The meeting will take Krzysztof Miękus
Free entrance

„7 Rooms” is Rafał Milach’s most personal project. He went to Russia to meet his relatives, living in east Siberia. He had to go through three cities on his way: Moscow, Ekaterinburg and Krasnoyarsk. It was there, where he met the majority of the characters of his book „7 Rooms”. They invited him to their homes, showing how they lived. He would return to them regularly for 6 years, trying to keep the relation as close as possible. He lived with them, travelled with them and spent some time at their "dacha" (summer house in the country).


Friday 25th November 2011, 18.00, Wyspa Institute of Art

Exhibition on view:
Tuesday - Sunday, 12.00-18.00

Perito Moreno is one of the largest glaciers in the world which melts into the Patagonian Lake Argentina and is still growing, despite the global warming. As a result of its continual enlargement the huge pressure of water makes the glacier break up and release frozen blocks. This on-going, spectacular process of the glacier calving takes place amidst the applause and cheers of spectators.

"Perito Moreno" speaks about our daily "breaking" because of seemingly petite reasons in unspectacular situations. Hanna Nowicka shows this little effective, unattractive and quite breaks of our own "glaciers" in seductive visual and sound layers.