_Sierpień 2011

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Elżbieta Matynia
is associate professor of sociology and politics at the New School for Social Research, New York. She graduated in Polish studies and sociology from the University of Warsaw. In Poland she is currently associated with the University of Lower Silesia. Founder and director of the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies, she has undertaken many research and educational projects in Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. She has authored numerous articles and works about contemporary democratic culture, including the book Performative Democracy, published in America by Paradigm in the prestigious series Yale Cultural Sociology, and whose Polish edition will be presented at this year’s Alternativa.

Lawrence Abu Hamdan
30th June, 2011

performance, radio-play

Abu Hamdan
will develop both an audio essay and a collective listening performance/presentation event using the reanimation of the shipyard radio, Radio Alternativa, as both a conceptual point of departure and a means of broadcast and distribution of the work. Lawrence Abu Hamdan will intersect his current research into the politics of listening and the role of the voice in law with an exploration of the radiophonic history of the Gdańsk Shipyard to produce a new work that sonically inhabits the audio infrastructure at the core of its investigation.

Abu Hamdan is sound artist and researcher based in London. He is currently undertaking a PhD at the Centre for Research Architecture at Goldsmiths College, University of London.


Karem Ibrahim i Linda Pollack
25th June 2011
Wyspa Institute of Art & Hall 90B

What if democracy is not an exceptional singular case, specific to one country, but a series of instances, moments and locations... A pluralism of histories and exchanges that can be found in times recent and past; Cairo, Tunis, Madison Wisconsin, Gdansk Poland, Paris, the Congo, Philadelphia... Karem Ibrahim and Linda Pollack will collect slogans, chants, and manifestos from democratic movements around the world via a Facebook Page (Everything is Exceptional). For the Alternativa Festival, they will create the Everything Is Exceptional Gathering Point – a recording booth / meeting place, inviting the public to recite the collected texts, both in original language (with the help of pronunciation coaching) and in translated languages.

Wyspa Institute of Art
17th June 2011, 7 pm
book launch / screening with editor/ curator Ana Janevski
(Warsaw, MoMA)

Alternativa invites you to the promotional meeting of our latest book As Soon as I Open My Eyes I See a Film. Experiment in the Art of Yugoslavia in the 1960s and 1970s, inspired by the first exhibition organized by the MoMA Warsaw.
It’s a journey to a country which has ceased to exist, but which gave rise to the most important art myth
in our part of Europe – the myth of radical art. The presentation of the book is accompanied by the screening of short
amateur films from Yugoslav cineclubs and the examples of Yugoslav ‘Black Wave Cinema’. The program entitled We cannot promise to do more than experiment includes films by Dušan Makavejev, Karpo
Godina, Želimir Žilnik, Sanja Iveković