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27.08.2011-01.09.2011_Wyspa outside Wyspa



The creation of the Solidarity trade union and the events it had set in motion are slowly becoming a distant memory. Poland’s upcoming presidency of the European Council provides an excellent opportunity to re-examine the significance of the ideas cherished by Solidarity in present-day Europe. How did the concept of solidarity and the movement it gave rise to affect European sensibilities? Are its values still valid or have they been obscured by consumerism, free-market mechanisms, materialism, greed, the desire to gain security through isolationism, etc.?

The project is also a chance to reflect critically upon the future of Solidarity, and discover new meanings and phenomena with which it could be associated. Is it possible to revive these ideals or are they destined to become slogans of an ageing continent, where solidarity serves only to safeguard the costly privileges of the older generation? Can Europe afford to show solidarity with illegal immigrants, or will it merely continue to shore up its borders against them? Is solidarity still a living component of European civilisation, or is it just a catchword covering up cynical interests?

Artists - Paweł Demirski, Roman Dziadkiewicz, Julia Holewińska, Elżbieta Jabłońska, Grzegorz Klaman, Robert Kuśmirowski, Konrad Pustoła,  Marek Sobczyk, Łukasz Surowiec, Bożena Umińska-Keff, Zorka Wollny.