_Wrzesień 2011

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Wyspa Institute of Art / Hall 90B / Buffet

29th September (Thursday)

7.30 p.m. Hiwa K With Jim White Once Upon A Time In The West - concert/ performance Hall 90B
8 p.m. Le Batard de la Raison / Rozumu Bękart - concert Buffet
9 p.m. MODE101 (newwaveconnection), Pan Damian: disco, italo, cosmic, balearic - Buffet
11 p.m. DO: CENT, SKANK-1: drum&bass - Buffet

30th September (Friday)

6 p.m. Buy Yourself Wyspa! charity auction - Wyspa Institute of Art
8 p.m. Paryss + Sasin - live sax! Cripsy: deep house, lounge, chill out - Buffet

Wyspa Institute of Art, in collaboration with the City of Gdansk and Gdansk 2016 is launching a series of international exhibitions, art events, publications and on-line activities under the title Alternativa scheduled for the Summers of 2011 and 2012. Alternativa aims to investigate the ways in which contemporary art intersects with the political. It seeks diverse modes of knowing and is searching for a performative, affectual apparatus through which we can explore possible ways of existing in contemporaneity. For the exhibitions and events, the newly renovated spectacular space, Hall 90B, is made available along with Wyspa’s and Modelarnia’s own spaces. Located in the legendary Gdansk Shipyard, where the workers’ strikes of 1980 began the process of the disintegration of the Communist bloc, Alternativa looks at the atmosphere of political momentum and its possibilities.

Opening party:
May 28, 2011 7pm

Exhibition on view
29 May–30 September 2011
artistic director: Aneta Szylak