_Maj 2012

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Pascal Gielen -
The Biennial and the Art Scene: a Post-Institution in the Post-Fordist Factory of Creativity

27th of May (Saturday)
2 PM Conference Room / Wyspa Institute of Art
Admission Free

Not only is there a boom in international art biennials, but they are also increasingly deployed for developing and marketing cities and regions. In order to compensate for this, political issues are more and more often put on the agenda. By means of an analysis, Pascal Gielen attempts to get a better handle on the characteristics of the art biennial as a post-museum institution with post-Fordist labor conditions. The art scene is analyzed as the new factory in which products are made and in which the ‘independent’ curator is the protagonist.


Alfredo Cramerotti - Tagging and Other Amenities of Contemporary Life

25th of May (Friday)
5 PM Conference Room / Wyspa Institute of Art
Admission Free

Alfredo Cramerotti’s lecture will introduce a series of ’tags’, each discussed on its own terms, all taking onboard the idea of how-to use various ’systems’ that govern/influence/complement/sustain our lives i.e. journalism, books, clothing, leisure, cooking and so on. Please don’t assume this would be an exhaustive list of words, as it is not. It will, however, include the following tags, among others: Footnotes, Midpoint, Leisure, Suspension, Reception, Curiosity, Knitting, Skyscraper, Access, Gap, Perspective, Hole, Dependency, Translation

Come along and discover by yourself how all these may come together and make (some) sense.