_Marzec 2013

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9 March (Saturday)
8:00 p.m./ Wyspa Institute of Art  

Admission free

Can a condition of being a stranger, the other be demanded? What feelings and experiences do we have when changing location, being on the move? To what extend is replacement necessary for the definition of our own identity? And how can it be defined by the lack of any allegiance and/ or belonging? What character can a celebration of conditions commonly considered negative have?

This project is based on the explosion of red fireworks forming a Chinese word of Shuitubufu. This word is composed of four ideograms, among which are the sings of water and earth. Shuitubufu is the condition of a stranger who is neither from “this” water nor “this” earth. It manifests the condition of non-acclimatisation, the celebration of inconveniences related do a change of a place, the displacement of mental location. The phenomenon of Shuitubufu, being a consequence or relocation, could be defined as an obstacle for those who want to become adjusted instantly in a new place. In this case, however, this phenomenon is a reason for celebrating, a condition considered apt and demanded.