The action "Being Solidary with Belarusia" in Gdańsk will comprise a series of events organised on the premises of the University of Gdańsk and the Wyspa Art Institute.  The event in then Three-City agglomeration will launch the series of events all over Poland which will finish with a big open-air concert in Warsaw on 22 April 2012.

24 March (Saturday) Wyspa Institute of Art, conference room
18:00 A show of documentary films:

"Białoruś. Droga do niepodległości"/ Belarus. A Road to Independence (Dir. Mikołaj Wawrzeniuk). The film shows, inter alia, the history of the Belarusian People’s Republic (BNR). There will be a concert on the anniversary of the incorporation of the Republic on 25 March entitled "Solidarni z Białorusi¹" ("Being Solidary with Belarus").

"Muzyka wolności" / Music of Freedom (Dir. Jerzy Kalina)

A document about an annual Belarusian rock music festival "Basowishtcha" which takes place in the Podlasie region of Poland.

"Dosyć! Do wolności" (bel. Dawoli, Da Woli!") / Enough! Towards Freedom! Belsat, 2011

A summarising discussion:
Guests: Franak Wiaczorka, Helena Głogoka - the chairperson of the "Chatka" Belarusian Cultural Society, Maciej Konopacki - a journalist, a son of one of the characters in the film " Belarus. A road to Independence" Hasan Konopacki.

The event will finish with the film "Massacre" (Dir. Andriej Kudinenko), 2010

A crazy and "ironical" horror, being an adaptation of Prospero Mérimée’s short story Lokis. The action takes place on Belarusian terrain incorporated into the Russian Empire in the mid 19th century. It tells about a young aristocrat who changes into a bear during the night. He is also the figure of an exemplary Belarusian patriot who refuses to declare himself either as a Pole or Russian.

25 March (Sunday) 18.00
Amaroka, Vinsent, Botanic Project | Buffet Club, admission free
A concert of committed Belarusian groups during which photographs from Belarus of 2010-2011 with be projected along with the Polish commentary by Vinsent.

The organiser - Stowarzyszenie Wolna Białoruś/ Free Belarus Association, The "Mozaika" Student Scientific Circle, Wyspa Art Institute, the "Alternator" Academic Cultural Centre of Gdañsk University and the "Belsat" television