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„Santa’s Workshop” documentary
Meeting with Yang Yu and Debby Chan
6.12.2011 time 19.00

On the occasion of St. Nicolas Day, when children in Poland traditionally receive presents, we will talk about situation of toy factory workers in China, where 80% of global production in that sector is located. Moreover, on 10th Dec we celebrate Human Rights Day. Processes of globalization and pressure of international competition often lead to severe human rights violations. Civil society organizations and trade unions worldwide fight against corporate practices, that sustain exploitation of workers at the bottom of the supply chain. What about us, consumers? Can we do something about it?

We will listen to the testimonial of  Yang Yu, former worker of Tai Qiang factory, (manufacturing toys for Mattel) and Debby Chan, human and worker’s rights activist investigating working conditions in factories in Guangdong province. She represents the organization Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM, Hong Kong) which keeps track of abuses connected with manufacturing of brand products.