Hard-Core: Strictly Digital

1 August (Saturday)
7.00 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art

Tuesday - Sun­day /​ 11.00 AM – 6.00 PM

Industry 4.0, 4K, 4G, higher resolutions, faster data-transfers, smarter industries, our world is moving quicker and getting increasingly complex. If Art often tended to reflect these radical changes in our post-industrial landscape, current transformations have been slow to manifest within the artistic field. Art adapted the existence of internet, but, did however force the rigidity of a white-cubed space upon the ‘borderless’ capacities praised in the early days of the net.

AFK (Away From Keyboard) based notions have been applied to digital spaces helping the user to navigate and making the otherwise abstract binary environment familiar. HARD-CORE’s interest lies in reversing that mechanism, making unforeseen ideas plausible with the aid of algorithmic processing. In order to overcome the preconditions of white-cubed exhibitions, an external factor needs to take control. For this reason, HARD-CORE has developed Asahi, a series of algorithmic curatorial robots in order to explore digital scenarios applied to physical space.

With the exhibition Strictly Digital, HARD-CORE pushes several propositions forward that may change the chassis of exhibition-making as we know it. It takes inspiration in the digital trademarks that reshape our environment, borrowing elements from algorithmic structures, databases, global connectivity and the fluidification of authorship as a base for collaborative processes.

Strictly Digital is an exhibition that gathers multiple works created collaboratively through the multi-headed organ HARD-CORE.


Hard-Core - an Amsterdam and London-based artist-magnet operating as non-hierarchical and non-authoritarian organization. With regard to philosophical and sociopolitical matters, the organization’s goals are the attraction of critical thought and the facilitation of discourse in relation to artistic practises. Since its foundation in spring 2011, Hard-Core has been developing curatorial methods which problematize aspects of exhibition-making, such as subjective choices based on notions of harmony and taste. Hard-Core is kindly supported by the European Pavilion

Hard-Core: Strictly Digital is a part of a programme of Alternativa 2015: Garden of Everyday Errors