_Wrzesień 2011

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29 of September (Thursday)
7:30 PM / Hall 90B

Performance / concert :
Hiwa K With Jim White Once Upon A Time In The West

... With Jim White Once Upon A Time In The West, is a project by Hiwa K, which is the result of long-standing friendship and collaboration with former American soldier Jim White, and now janitor in the German Academy of Fine Arts, where the artist studied. The ten-minute performance refers to the final duel scene in Sergio Leone’s Sphagetti Western, "Once Upon A Time In The West". The project with the participation of musicians and vocalists from Gdansk, recreates the famous scene with music by Ennio Morricone. Work dealing with the issues of redistribution of dominant culture, issues of representation and competence. The project is thematically linked to the exhibition of Estrangement.

Guitar: Jim White
Harmonica: Hiwa K
Crew: Karol Szewczyk - bass guitar, Rafał Ringlewski - trumpet, Adam Skrzypkowski - trumpet, Tomasz Niedziela - trombone, Krzysztof Greń - drums, Ania Szuchiewicz - vocal, Beata Szalkowska - vocal, Zuzanna Ostrowska - vocal, Emilia Laskowska - violin, Małgorzata Bury - violin.
Producer: Natalia Grzebała


Wyspa Institute of Art / Buffet /  Hall 90B
27 of September 2011
7.00 - 11.00  PM

Curators: Inke Arns (Dortmund) & Thibaut de Ruyter (Berlin)
Coordinator: Daniel Muzyczuk
Advisor: Michał Libera

The exhibition and film programme INDUSTRIAL asks ‘whatever happened to the industry?’. It would in fact appear that industrial modes of production have not so much disappeared as migrated from one place – the early industrial countries – to another. While ‘first-world’ nations have only just completed a 40-year-long history of de-industrialisation, so-called emerging countries are undergoing a rapid and massive process of industrialisation. How has the industry managed to resettle in those regions (notably China and India), what are the working conditions in its new factories, and what is its heritage in the areas it has left behind? Has it actually susbsided in traditional industrial countries, or is the notion of immaterial labour merely an uncanny resurgence of the classic industrial model, whose might is now inscribed in contemporary, post-industrial modes of production? Within the framework of the Culture Season North Rhine-Westphalia in Poland 2011/12 Tam’Tam, over the course of the first two weeks in October the HMKV will present INDUSTRIAL on Tour, a film and music programme hosted by five industrial towns in Poland (Bytom, Tarnów, Łódź, Nowa Huta/Kraków, Gdańsk). During this time it plans to conduct further research for the exhibition in collaboration with the respective local partners.