_Sierpień 2015

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26 August (Wednesday)
7:00 PM / Hall 90B, the former Gdańsk Shipyard area

Admission free

Come and bring along your own radio!

Alternativa would like to invite you to an event with Anton Kats, the participant of this year’s main exhibition Alternativa. The event will take the form of a live radio show during which the audience will be able to listen to his performance on their own radio that they bring along. The artist’s main interest is artistic research as a pedagogical form. The artist engages the radio as an artistic form and the means for sharing knowledge and the daily life of the community. The research is focused on a particular location and its problems and in that sense, the radio is not used to broadcast but to narrowcast. The radio show alone is not the aim but a means of meeting the community and spending time together in both space and time. As part of his presentation Kats will show performative projects, executed in city communes in Kingston, Jamaica and London-based care houses for patients with dementia. The main tools used in these projects are listening and walking as pragmatic elements of the everyday.


Anton Kats — an artist, musi­cian and dan­cer born in Ukra­ine and based in Lon­don. He has been prac­ti­cing across disci­pli­nes as an artist and edu­ca­tor in Ukra­ine, Rus­sia, Ber­lin, Lon­don and Jama­ica, among others. His prac­tice addres­ses insti­tu­tion as depo­si­tory of know­ledge. Thro­ugh his pro­jects he tries to reveal the prag­ma­tics of lear­ning thro­ugh eve­ry­day doings. For this reason Kats enga­ges with non-​​normative appro­ach into forms of self-​​organization and self-​​education, often with mar­gi­na­li­zed people. In 2014 he rece­ived MA and cur­ren­tly is a PhD can­di­date at the Gold­smi­ths Col­lege, con­duc­ting a practice-​​based pro­ject, which deri­ves from and inve­sti­ga­tes the metho­do­lo­gies within the field of Arti­stic Rese­arch as Peda­gogy. Among diverse tools, he uses video to docu­ment his inve­sti­ga­tions. He is an edi­tor of Sound Space Down­town. Work­book and User Manual docu­men­ting his arti­stic resi­dency at the Stu­dio 174 in King­ston, Jamaica.