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4th Festival of Polish Short Films. SHORT WAVES

14th of April (Friday)
7 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art
Admission free

Between 12 and 28 April 2012 the Festival of Polish Short Films will travel across all over Poland, also visiting some foreign cities.

The programme comprises the latest Polish productions from feature films, through documents, animation, video-art to video-clips. The public gathered at the Festival shows will enjoy the opportunity to vote and select the winner of the Main Prize. Additionally, the Festival will grant the Short Waves PRO prize, the winner of which will be selected by a professional jury.
Short Waves goes across the borders of geography and genre. Similar to radio short waves, which attain large distances, the Festival tries to reach everywhere wherever the viewers hungry for short-time experience are waiting.

Set your tuners to the fourth edition of Short Waves!



A meeting within the framework of re.act.feminism #2, Wyspa Institute of Art:

27 of March (Tusday)
7 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art
Admission free

The lecture will permit the public to view through exhibitions such as: „Gender Check”, „Inside the visible”, „WACK”, „Re.act.feminism”, or „Niezgrabne przedmioty” /Clumsy Objects. I would like to consider various strategies of working with the viewer using the medium of an exhibition. I am specially interested in this issue in the context of feminist art which, as I feel, chose as its objective the redefinition of the political being the redistribution of the sensual beyond the objectifying gaze.

Ewa Małgorzata Tatar - an art critic and historian, editor and curator. She co-operates with the Wyspa Art Institute in Gdañsk, the National Museum in Cracow and the Korporacja Ha!art Publishers. She is an editor of "Panoptikum" magazine. Her special interest lies in exhibiting and curatiotrial strategies, next to critical and institutional practice, as well as curatorship as a methodology of an art history. She is now writing her PhD dissertation on feminist art in Poland.


May 25th - September 30th 2012
Artistic Director Aneta Szyłak

Opening May 25–27, 2012
Save the dates!

Wyspa Institute of Art invites
you to the series of international exhibitions, numerous artistic events, publications and meetings under the common denominator of ALTERNATIVA, planned for summer 2012. Alternativa is a two-year pilot program, started in 2010, which aims at the establishment of a recurring large-scale, knowledge-based and politically informed curatorial practice whose distribution will be done through exhibitions, publications, discussions and workshops, as well as radio broadcasts on the premises of the former Gdańsk Shipyard, Poland. Alternativa seeks new tracks for art and its social role. The concept of the Festival relates to the political traditions of Gdańsk as well as to new phenomena in art which started to emerge in Gdańsk at the beginning of the 1980’s. Those movements acted against the political, historical and urban contexts. They were characterised by a tendency to self organization, independence and the discovering of unknown areas of the city. At one time, it was Wyspa Spichrzów, later Dolne Miasto and, now, it is the former shipyard premises.


Curatorial team: Leire Vergara, Inês Moreira, Arne Hendriks and Aneta Szyłak
Curatorial assistant: Maks Bochenek
Editor of publications: Krzysztof Gutfrański

’WYSPA. Now is now’
Curators of the project: Ewa Małgorzata Tatar, Dominik Kuryłek
Curatorial co-operation: Wojciech Orlik (production), Anna Ptak (Editor of publication)
Curatorial assistants: Katarzyna Nalezińska, Marta Świetlik, Wiktoria Kozioł

International Festival of Visual Arts ALTERNATIVA 2012 is funded by the City of Gdańsk, UE and Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam presents

Art Lives in the Age of Global Transition

Conference-festival week
12–16 March 2012

With AA Bronson, Jonathan Dronsfield, Boris Groys, Irit Rogoff, Yael Davids, Franco Berardi, Fay Nicolson, Tai Shani among many others



Life experience is always generated as the intersection between the personal rhythm of one’s life and the larger societal perspective. How do we position ourselves in time? How do we weave the historical moment into our life-narratives? From Tahrir Square to Occupy Wall Street – we are witnessing a worldwide desire for transition, but its direction is still open.This momentum belongs to the youngest generation of artists who will contribute to it with their work and shape it with the way they form fleeting communities. The network condition we live in, offers unprecedented possibilities to have simultaneous and multiple perspectives on events with social and historical significance. This implies a very different mode of historicizing, of writing down our memories. It is in this vortex of eventfulness we have to find ourselves again.