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Dear Viewers, Co-operators and Friends,

Alternativa 2010-2012, our more than two-year-long programme,
in which over 30 thousand people have participated to date, is going to finish on 31 December. Therefore, we invite you to our Archive,and the Buffet Club, for a several-hour long summing-up event at 18:00 hours on 27 December.

The event prepared by us concentrates on the knowledge of art, economics, resources and values. We do invite you!

27 December – the exhibition Teachers. Socrates at Duchamp’s, curated by Maks Bochenek, opening at 21:00 hours. On this same day, you will be able to buy Wyspa’s books with a discount of 10% and Alternativa souvenirs: T-shirts, cups, bags, and pins with a 20% discount.


27 of December (Thursday)
6:00 PM / Buffet Club, Wyspa Institute of Art

Admission free

Curator: Kuba Szreder
Participants: Maciek Czeredys, Michał Kozłowski, Ewa Majewska, Jacek Niegoda, Natalia Romik, and Kuba Szreder

The time right after the holiday gluttony and still before the New-Year’s Eve suspension is an ideal moment for the premiere unveiling of the Virtual Economic Zone, a joint exploration of inverse economy. The thematic axis of this meeting spans between surplus and remains. We are inspired by the use of the refuse (post-industrial), the eating-out of stockpiled reserves (for crisis and winter), the squandering of the surplus (of energy) and the recycling of the remains (after a holiday). The meeting will be organised on the basis of "an intellectual potlatch", a series of loosely connected speeches, toasts, treats and a performance. Kuba Szreder is going to present the guidelines of V.E.Z. and tell us why art is priceless and so expensive. Natalia Romik will present JAD, an urban tool-kit for the analysis of the remains of urban memory, while Maciek Czeredys will describe the architectural form of V.E.Z. Jacek Niegoda will be separating Colour Red from Colour White in his Workshop of Colour Separation. Michał Kozłowski will present "Malthusian Variations. Surplus, remains, overabundance and their political economics", while Ewa Majewska will declaim a new translation of Allen Ginsberg’s "Howl", a cultic poet of excess and the Beat Generation.

We also invite all of the participants to consume the post-holiday surplus. Instead of throwing it away, let us share it with others. Let us delight collectively in the things which we are not able to eat individually. Let us bring our cakes and dumplings, even herring and bigos will be welcome dishes.


27 of December (Thursday)
8:00 PM / Buffet Club, Wyspa Institute of Art

Admission free

Alternativa Dictionary is an open research project in which people co-operating with Alternativa will submit their thoughts on the notions important to their own artistic and intellectual practice. It is an on-line publication which is going to be supplemented and made accessible to the public in successively.

This Project will be presented by Aneta Szyłak and Aleksandra Grzonkowska at the Buffet


27 of December (Thursday)
9:00 PM / Wyspa Institute of Art
Admission free

During Alternativa, an intense work on the archive and the library collection of the Wyspa Progress Foundation was carried, realised within the European framework of
Recuperating the Invisible Past, a part of which Alternativa was. Starting from the New Year on, it will be possible to arrange a profiled research on our stock. We invite scholars, curators, critics, artists, and journalists to use this stock. On 27 December, we are making an introduction to the method of data management and the character of our collected stock. Do not miss it!

Mirosław Górczyński will be the custodian of the archive and library. It is precisely the result of his two-year long work which we will make accessible to anyone who finds the documentation of contemporary art close and who would use our reading room and stock in the future. Wyspa Base contains photographic material, video, press cuttings and a wide selection of books on art, monographs, catalogues, and theoretical and historical books.

The project will be presented by Mirosław Górczyński and Aneta Szyłak.