fot. Marta Szymańska

In Camera

The title of the “In Camera” exhibition signifies both the location within a frame or a field of the camera as well as behind closed doors, suggesting secrecy, privacy, the exclusion of a certain area from the field of public participation.

In recent years, is has been public space above all that has become the area of the activity of of activities, the reaserch of sociologists or, finally, the interventetions of artists. In this respect, non-public space, often mistakenly indentified with private space, constitutes a narrow margin of official interest.

The exhibition, presented in Wyspa Institute of Art, constists of series of phoitographs by Konrad Pustoła – “Dark Rooms”, presenting the darkroomns located in Polish gay clubs – photographs taken after closing time but before they had been cleaned – and also the triptych video entitled “Beyond Guilt”, made by the Israeli artist Ruti Sela and Maayan Amir. The juxtaposition of the seductively aesthetic photographs of empty darkrooms with the video presenting intimate interviews conducted with the customers of an Israeli bar, men making use of internet date portals or a prostitute invited by the artists to a cheap hotel, broadens the significance of non-public space, in which the relations between the object of the lens and the subject of its observations are not established and the distances between are constantly changing.

Exhibition curator: Maks Bochenek
Desing: Alina Żemojdzin

The Exhibition on view from 20 April – 16 May, Tue-Su, 12 am - 6 pm